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Longevity Hub is a Future of Ageing platform that tracks the impact of longevity on individuals, businesses, government and society. At the Hub, we publish original essays across several cross-cutting areas (health, finance, active ageing, innovation, etc) and also bring to you interviews with entrepreneurs, experts, researchers and others actively working on them. We also run fun challenges and initiatives so watch out for them.

New Initiative: GenConnect

GenConnect aims to connect people from different generations and geographies, and seed the first virtual conversation. All we need is 15 mins of your time.

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Featured Post: Are you ageist? “OK Boomer and “WhatsApp Uncle” tropes

GenConnect, an initiative of the Longevity Hub, aims to connect strangers across generations and geographies on a 15 to 30 minute call. While there is a lot to be said on why people from different generations should speak to each other, outside their family and professional environments, this article attempts to drive the point home with two popular (and ageist) tropes – “OK Boomer” and “WhatsApp Uncle”.

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Featured Essay: Longevity Dividend & 100 Year Life

People are living longer thanks to advances in medicine, public health and other factors. Is living longer a gift or a curse? Is longevity dividend real? How are countries, societies, businesses and individuals adapting to it? What happens if we all live till 100 years?

This essay has two sections – the first one providing the Indian context from demographic forecasts, and the second on how we can redesign lives for a 100 year lifespan, based on global research on longevity and ageing.

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Featured Interview: Aamod Wagh, Founder, TigerTech Labs and RHEMOS Health

Aamod Wagh is Pune-based founder of Tigertech Labs and Rhemos Health, with a career spanning 25 years in IT Consulting across Australasia, Europe, and USA. Tigertech Labs was setup in 2016 upon his return to India to develop remote health and safety monitoring devices for senior and dementia care. TigerTech also transitioned to Telehealth in 2019 with RHEMOS – an acronym for Remote Health Monitoring System – to deliver hospital grade care at home using affordable & easy to use medical devices.

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