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Longevity Hub is a Future of Ageing platform that tracks the impact of longevity, i.e., longer lifespan of general population – on individuals, businesses, government and society. The Hub has a sharp focus on India’s emerging silver economy while drawing from global trends and practices shaping the space.


An initiative to showcase a new product, program or initiative that can have a positive impact on longevity.

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The Future of Ageing newsletter brings you news, stories and trends shaping the longevity economy in India and its impact on individuals, businesses, government and society. Businesses, brands, investors, startups, researchers, marketers and analysts following this space are likely to find it interesting.

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Interviews with experts and entrepreneurs building longevity-focused solutions in health, finance, continous learning and jobs, senior and assisted living, agetech and more.

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Original essays focused on cross-cutting and emerging themes in the longevity economy.

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India Data (New)

Compilation of global and domestic data sources (both public and private) used to understand ageing demographics and longevity trends in India. This is not a complete list, and will be updated as and when new sources are identified.

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Trend Reports

Year-long research and insights synthesized into major trends shaping the silver economy in India.

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Getting started resources in case you are keen to know more about ageing and longevity.

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Latest from the Hub

Longevity Risk: Financial Security and Pensions

India is an uneven social economy. Government funded social pension schemes and family support continue to be protections against old age poverty for millions of older adults. Pension reforms, which started in early 2000s, with a focus on the large informal workforce, has received mixed reviews. This essay tries to look at the Indian experience and pension reforms from the lens of accumalating longevity risks, and how it presents an opportunity for public and private sector reforms.

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Neeraj Sagar, Founder, WisdomCircle

Neeraj Sagar is the founder and CEO of WisdomCircle. Launched in January 2022, WisdomCircle.com is building a technology enabled marketplace for people to find meaningful things to do post-retirement. Although currently focused on India, Neeraj aims to build WisdomCircle into a global company, and has assembled a team of 16 people to join this mission. Conceptualized during the pandemic, Neeraj attracted lots of early supporters to join this journey including an early stage venture capital firm, and got the ball rolling on WisdomCircle early this year.

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Loneliness, Intergenerational Companionship and Mr Tata

For many elders across India, companionship is social. It comes in the form of family, friends and neighbors. Intergenerational bonds are formed in neighborhoods, and between people from different generations who cross paths on a regular basis, and support each other in times of need or emergency. Much of India still lives this way.

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