Generation Connect

Connect with people across generations and geographies.

GenConnect aims to connect people from different generations and geographies, and seed the first virtual conversation.

Intergenerational bonds are the cornerstone of family systems, and society-at-large. Over time however, such bonds have diminished due to the rise in nuclear families, distance between different family units, fast paced lives, and other reasons. While technology may not be able to replace physical companionships and bring the joy of lifelong friendships, it can aid in reducing the gap among people across different ages, and spark new bonds. The pandemic brought forth inspiring stories of how individuals, beyond family and friends, went out of their way to help complete strangers in time of need. GenConnect is inspired by such stories.

Location? Digital/online event

Participation Fee? None

Timeline? This is an ongoing program so register yourself to hear from us

What do you need?

A mobile device or a computer with internet access; willingness to explore friendships outside your comfort zone; at least 15 mins to get on a call with your match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we ageist? OK Boomer! and WhatsApp Uncle Online Tropes

“Ok Boomer” and “WhatsApp Uncle” tropes are meme-worthy material on the internet. It is simplistic, antagonistic, and effective in shutting down conversations. In the process, it also breaks down something that is very fundamental to society – intergenerational communication – and sadly, brings out the ageist in us. Read more..

Greeting Cards and Forever Memories

The greeting cards revolution is one of the many untold stories, and if you dig into the odd pile of stuff in your house, you are very likely to find a few of them lying around. Cards are artefacts of days gone by, of friendships lost or those that continue till day, of seminal and silly events in life, and so much more. They pause time and humble us. Read more..

If you want to break #AgeBias and appreciate generational diversity, sign up for the Gen Connect initiative now!

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