GenConnect – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get on a call with a stranger?

If you have followed the Hub’s activities, you would have read about the importance of maintaining and nurturing intergenerational communication and bonds for healthy living. Moreover, we have all benefitted from our interactions with people from different generations, in our personal and professional lives, so let’s have more, and not than less of it.

I am not old (or) I am too old. Why should I join?

We do not categorize people in binaries – young and old – nor do we believe learning can happen only one way (older to younger). We believe interacting with people from different generations over a casual chat can reduce age bias and also help appreciate different viewpoints.

Is this a dating or career site?

Neither. It is an initiative to connect people from different generations outside their personal and professional environments, and seed the first conversations.

Is this a WhatsApp group? Are you selling me some products?

We are not a WhatsApp group nor are we trying to sell you anything.

Who will host the sessions?

The Longevity Hub will coordinate the sessions and share meeting details with matched participants over email. However, if you prefer to host the meeting from your account, do mention that in the submission form.

How long is the introductory call?

The introductory session will be anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

Will you setup follow up calls?

You may share details with your match over the call, in case you would like to reconnect later. Over time, we will mix and match by setting up more such introductory calls.

How will you match?

We have a few simple questions around your preferences, in the submission form. We will try to match closest to those preferences.

Will you share details of the person I have matched with?

Your name and email id will be shared only if you have consented in the submission form. Mobile number, where provided, will not be shared.

Have you run similar initiatives before?

The Hub ran a successful Book Challenge in partnership with Labyrinth Literary Agency, for first-time authors over 50 years. You can check it out here.

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If you want to break #AgeBias and appreciate generational diversity, sign up for the Gen Connect initiative now!

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