Book Challenge FAQs

Can a writer submit two entries?

We allow only one submission per entry.

Is there a fee to be part of this challenge?

There is no fee to participate in the challenge.

Why is the challenge open only for those over 50 years?

The broad themes presented by the Silver Angels platform is mostly relevant to those over 50 years. While we understand age is not a determinant of many things, including writing a book, the motivations and tools available may vary given unique circumstances.

I am not proficient with a computer and cannot write three chapters. How can you help?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to help in such cases. You may use a family member or friend to type the synopsis and chapters.

Why do I need to join a challenge to win 10K rupees?

We understand many folks landing up on this page are financially secure – actively working or otherwise – and successful in their own right. The question to ask then is if a particular challenge is a passion or desire that you have long nurtured but not given much time or thought, and if the time spent here might help take that first step. The prize money is more a reward for your effort to breakaway and try something new, and not a monetary value tied to your professional credentials or experience in other areas.

I am a published author. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply if you are self-published author (on Kindle or other platforms). However, if you are retained by an agent or a publishing house, you may not need this challenge.

Is there an opportunity to submit entries as co-author?

We encourage that you submit your entry as an individual. Co-authorship is not something for us to decide at this stage, and you may consider at a later stage.

Any preferred format or word limit for the synopsis?

Our recommendation is to limit your synopsis to 5000 words maximum. However, if you feel you would like to submit a longer synopsis, you may do so too.

What are the criteria for evaluation of a synopsis?

At this stage, we are only looking for three aspects – Clarity of your book idea, Coherence and Compelling narrative.

Will detailed critique be provided for the entire synopsis?

For all synopsis submitted, our jury will provide feedback. A full critique is not possible without reading or reviewing at least three chapters.

How many synopses will be selected from the synopses?

We plan to select a maximum of 10 entries based on evaluation of the synopsis.

How will you support if my synopsis doesn’t get selected?

We are planning to launch short skill-based courses on specific areas through experts. You will be intimated over email on such programs, and you can sign up for them at that point.

Does participation in this challenge guarantee a book contract?

The challenge is designed to bring out the writer in you, and to support the first step of your journey in becoming a published writer. Winning the challenge doesn’t guarantee you a book contract although the coaching session with the expert will help address many questions for first-time authors.

Is this a self-publishing platform which requires an author to pay for publication?

We are not a publishing platform or entity. Our goal is to support in your first step towards book authorship.

Will any of the shortlisted participants be considered for publication after the Book Challenge?

We are not a publishing house or a publishing platform. Shortlisted participants will be asked to submit three chapters of their manuscript, and the winner will be offered a free two-hour session with our expert. He will provide critique including feedback on your manuscript. You may revise and submit the manuscript to any publishing house or platform. If our expert finds your work very compelling. he will approach you for a further discussion, outside the challenge.

Does one have to submit three chapters to be considered for the prize money?

Yes. Our expert jury needs to review your work/manuscript to select a winner. However, you will only be asked to submit three chapters of your manuscript once your synopsis is accepted.

How can I reach you for assistance or help?

You can write to us at or use the WhatsApp button to send a direct message. We will attempt to get back at the earliest.

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