Rise in Teleconsultation and Digital Adoption Among Elders

Edition #13: Hybrid care models, active ageing programs and silver superstars

Thanks for reading! In this newsletter, we will focus on how elder care organizations and programs have adapted to the needs of elders as a result of the pandemic. It has three sections.




And a special section, Silver Super Stars! Now, let’s dive in!


Articles from mainstream newspapers and magazines that touch upon the Silver Economy in India, and our short take.

Reinventing healthcare delivery with telemedicine, by Practo and the Telemedicine Society of India (TSI)

Our Take: The report captures only those people that used Practo’s service between the first wave (March to Nov 2020), and noticed an over 500% rise in consultations among people over 50, making them a significant customer base. The same report also identified a rise in online mental health consultations and queries. You can also read this article about the potential role of telemedicine in the broader ehealth space, triggered by the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines issues by the Government in March 2020.

Training and help are now virtual for dementia caregivers by Swati Sanyal Tarafdar in the Hindu Business Line

Our Take: This article reaches out to caregivers of dementia patients, and how online videos and programs are substituting physical meetings. It also highlights a set of online resources from NIMHANS and Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) and others, that may be useful for those seeking more information and training. A large part of the last newsletter was focused on caregiving and caregivers, in case that is of interest.

How this senior care organisation is catering to the physical and mental health of the elderly living at home by Anju Ann Mathew in YourStory

Our Take: Having been setup in 2013, Samvedna Senior Care, a women-led social enterprise in the NCR, today offers 360-degree holistic care management including dementia care. Apart from support in making medication available on time, Samvedna has seen a rise in teleconsultation and mental health support, and is building various programs to support elders and their families.


People and models that influence or drive the Silver Economy, and their journeys.

We highlight three interesting models that have emerged in the recent past.

Post Covid Rehab Program in Bangalore, by Kites Senior Care

Dedicated Covid Care Centre (CCC) in Gurgaon by Emoha Eldercare

Counselling Helpline by Samvedna Senior Care

Organizations like Elders FirstAge Ventures and Vardaan provide a range of services and care for elders. For example, Vardaan Senior Care offers both short- and long-term rehabilitation options for elders in their facility.


We highlight some active ageing programs – online learning, social clubs, discussion forums and much more – focused on older adults.

Silver Talkies is hosting this free online event on the secret of Japanese longevity. You can register by clicking here.

Silver Talkies is an online magazine and social engagement platform for 55+. For more information, visit

Seenage.Life is hosting this interesting session on living a medicine-free and disease-free life. You can register by clicking here.

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Seenage Life is a platform for senior citizens to engage with each other, the community and businesses and enables them to lead productive and fulfilled lives. For more information, visit

GetSetUp India is hosting a course on Zoom for Beginners scheduled on May 10th may be quite useful for a lot of them to connect, interact and join online events.

GetSetUp India is an online community of seniors who want to keep learning, connecting and explore. For a day-wuse course schedule, visit

Seniors Today has a webinar section where one can access recorded sessions, largely around health & wellness.

Seniors Today will contain feature-length articles and columns on topics such as travel, entertainment, shopping, dining, health and wellness, and much more. For more information, visit


As a parting note, here is an amazing story by Zubeda Hamid in The Hindu on the rise in older adults in the media and entertainment industry

Saroja. Janaki. Naresh. Micky Singh. Dr Verma. Dinesh Mohan. SN Bhatt.

You know what is common among them all?

They are all professional actors and models in their own right, be it television commercials, movies or print ads. Some of them like Micky Singh, homemaker turned actor at 59, have explored new careers, while others, like Dr Raja Ravi Verma, doctor turned actor and singer at 60, have rekindled their life-long passion. For 78-year-old Janaki Jayaraman, an actor in commercial ads and somebody that lost her husband in 2010, this second career has also given her financial independence.

While silver generation as leads in advertising is (re)emerging, marketers are also capturing mindshare of this important segment for their purchasing power.

Age is just a number.

Stay Safe.

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