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Launching Silver Angels Startup School

The Startup School is for people over 50 years, aspiring to chart a new entrepreneurial journey.

The Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem is growing at a rapid clip with startup valuations ranging from a few millions to many billion dollars. The proliferation of a digital ecosystem is transforming many industries, has resulted in the emergence of the gig economy, and reduced the entry barrier to participate in economic activities regardless of one’s age.

The Silver Angels Startup School aims to offer structured programs to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of 50 plus adults. The school is for those that aspire to be authors, travel writers, business mentors, lifestyle entrepreneurs, social media influencers and ready to step out of their comfort zone.

Our Gig Challenges are offered in partnership with experts and brands for you to participate, win prizes and most importantly, access coaching sessions. Our goal is to assist in your pursuit of a passion, support in taking your skills to the market or be a launchpad in becoming an entrepreneur.

The Book Challenge is our first challenge, offered in partnership with Anish Chandy, founder of Labyrinth Literary Agency, and an independent jury of experts. The challenge is open to those over 50 years, and keen to publish their first book in English.

Book Challenge Winner will receive INR 10000 and a free two-hour coaching session with our expert. This session will cover critiquing, feedback and questions around publishing a book. All shortlisted entrants will receive a gift card equivalent to INR 1000 or more.

Visit the Silver Angels Startup School website to know more. You may register yourself, a friend or somebody in your family.

Thanks for your time, and lets make it happen! All it takes is a gentle nudge, sometimes.

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