Ageing in Place services are gaining traction

Edition #10: Doubling down on vaccination drives to understand mental health and wellbeing of elderly

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In this section, we will present articles from mainstream newspapers and magazines that touch upon the Silver Economy in India, and our short take.

How Covid-19 has changed the lives of the elderly by Sandipan Roy in the Mint (HT)

Our Take: The Covid-19 pandemic has affected elderly disproportionately as it has created both social isolation and disconnectedness, and impacted their daily routines and mental health. The researchers of this longitutindal study by the Government of Tamil Nadu and J-PAL reached out to ~5000 adults over 55 years of age, to generate insights on the impact of the pandemic on the elderly, and observed that feelings of loneliness and depression rose between the months of April and July 2020. The vaccination drives, which bring the elderly out at least twice to a medical facility, is a good opportunity for eldercare organizations to directly engage with the elderly in understanding more substantive issues.

Market trends and challenges associated with senior care, an interview with Atul Jagadish of Alserv in the ET World.

Our Take: While a lot of focus in the eldercare space has been towards senior housing and other infra-related projects, older adults and their families today are more open to exploring secondary support systems for at-home or ageing-in-place. With Chennai as the pilot market, Alserv has identified five broad categories to focus in their efforts to provide holistic support for seniors.

Genesis Rehabilitation partners Healthcare at Home to boost eldercare services in the Mint (HT)

Our Take: The professionalization of home care services is expanding to include more clinical care services, including for specific ailments and conditions (stroke rehabilitation, diabetes, post-operative care, drug administration, etc), and this partnership promises more holistic care with a combination of virtual wellness and home care efforts.

Ashok Soota to invest ₹200 crore in research on ageing, neuro health in The Hindu

Our Take: Split equally for partner and in-house projects under the newly formed SKAN Trust, this is one of the largest grants in the broader ageing space in India. The other significant contribution being the Rs 220-crore research grant by Kris Gopalakrishnan, towards brain research and ageing-related studies. While both are research-centric, there continues to be limited philanthropic and impact capital available for #SilverEconomy entrepreneurs in India.

Technology, Ageing and Longevity by Sofiat Akinola of the World Economic Forum

Our Take: While the article provides a global outlook, it is insightful and touches upon some key areas where technology could play a positive role for seniors. Of particular interest was the idea of precision care, which combines the skill of caretakers and the power of data for the well-being of elderly citizens who need care. While technology use, and particularly data privacy, is a contentious topic, it cannot be wished away given the ubiquitousness of smart phones in all our lives.


In this section we will cover the people that drive the Silver Economy, and their achievements.

HelpAge India is the winner of the 2020 United Nations Population Award in the Institutional category, a prestigious global recognition for an organization that has been a pioneer in serving the elderly for over four decades now. The award was announced in Nov’ 2020.


In the impact series, we will profile entrepreneurs, organizations, innovative solutions, and their impact.

Elder First launches a senior co-living space in Gurgaon.


Social media engagement will play a critical role in learning, collaborating and building general awareness about the #SilverEconomy.

Check out this LinkedIn thread started by Ankur Gupta, JMD at Ashiana Housing, and responses on how we can differentiate senior living facilities from care homes.

You can also notice emergence of quick polls on social media, and while it helps to gain insights, you may want to be aware of the role of confirmation bias in such polls.

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