Silver Generation: The Original Disruptors

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Catering to the silver generation is not about just meeting their needs but also stepping up to fulfill their aspirations and building an age-friendly society.

Today’s 70+ adult went through an economic period that had limited opportunities, careers largely driven by a steady job with a fixed retirement age, a much less technologically connected society, slower wealth accummalation, restricted mobility and and limited access to higher education or specialized healthcare. On the contrary, a 55 year-old adult today represents a cohort that were the original disruptors of India, in both the economic and social sense.

Both these (very) different generations are shaping the silver economy. How are they different from each other and from the other generational groups? How are businesses adapting and creating new products for this consumer segment? Are eldercare startups leading us into a whole new set of opportunities in this sector?

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CovaiCare is hosting an intergenerational dialogue on eyecare (in Tamil)

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Samvedna Senior Care co-founder Dr Jayashree Dasgupta will be speaking on “Suspecting Dementia – What should you know?” at the NIMHANS.

Date July 19, 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm | Zoom Meeting Link: | Meeting ID: 84612019327 | Passcode: 123

Emoha is hosting the #EldersFirstFestival online. Read more about it here.

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