Long Term Care (LTC) in India: Key Market Drivers

Welcome back! In this edition, we will look at the evolution of Long Term Care (LTC) in India and the key factors driving it.

Families in India are the primary caregivers for most elders but the the role of secondary support systems, led by home care services, assisted living companies and institutional care facilities, is emerging as possible alternatives for those seeking specialized and long-term care. While such transitions, largely triggered by the pandemic, have brought much needed attention to challenges faced by elders, it is also important to recognize that we are at an early stage in addressing broader needs of a much broader and diverse group, particularly the less affluent.

Long-term care is an expensive proposition but with better policies, higher public health spending, affordable services and innovative solutions, we could lower the overall cost of care. In this essay, I elaborate four key factors driving the long-term care market.

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